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A new backhoe (digger), funded by Australia was handed over to Solomon Water today.The digger, worth $1million is part of Australia’s ongoing support of Solomon Water, which has reached over $16 million over the past seven years. Solomon Water General Manager, Ian Gooden says the backhoe will help the SOE to continue its upgrade and maintenance work on water pipes in Honiara. 

Solomon Islands Water Authority, trading as Solomon Water, unveiled its Draft Strategic Plan for the next 30 years to the public this week.

The SOE’s Strategic Plan, which sets out its focus up until the year 2047, was developed for Solomon Water by Australian firm Hunter H20.  A Tariff Review is also part of the plan and this will be discussed with Government in a few months’ time.

The work will be undertaken in phases but the main goal is to ensure Solomon Islands has a stable, healthy and safe urban water and waste water supply for the next 30 years.

Board Chairman Phil Bradford says the work plan is an ambitious foundation for the organisation’s future.  

Solomon Water would like to advise the general public that the heavy rainfall experienced in the capital in the past few days has caused high turbidity and extensive damages to our distributions main pipeline. Scravin Tongi, Solomon Water Operations Manager said whilst his team are working on getting the full assessment report of the damage, I can confirm from reports on site from my team that;

  •  Rove gravity main pipeline has been damaged and areas such as Rove Police Headquarters and Ministry of Infrastructures and Development will be without water for an indefinite period of time
  •  Our Kongulai Pump station is on a shut down mode due to high turbidity and most of the areas in town will experience low pressure or no water
  •  Kombito gravity main pipeline is also on a shut down due to high turbidity and most of areas in East Honiara will experience low pressure or no water

Mr Tongi said “Solomon Water will try to alleviate the issue by looking at intermittent supply since most of our boreholes are still running. Our maintenance team are also out in full force trying to restore water supply at Rove whilst at the same time monitoring the change of the weather impacts”.

We are currently assessing for damage both in Honiara and our provincial centres and will keep you inform through further updates through our media avenues.



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